We engage in a broad range of product development from hair care to skin care.

Based on our creed to product products that bring customers joy,
we are committed to making products that will be loved for a long time
We strive to add value to products while considering how to embody the image held by the client and how to add extra value.
We are convinced that our stance of proposing new value leads to manufacturing products enjoyable for clients.

Development Process

Personnel in charge of development do more than just conduct sales.
They communicate directly with clients and personally serve as monitors.

They aim to create improved products through a process of trial and error until the client’s requests are met.


We ascertain the details through close consultations with the client.

Sample Creation

Personnel in charge of development communicate with clients not only through sales but also directly, and they utilize a process of trial and error until they have exceeded the client’s requests.

Monitor Evaluation

Monitor evaluations are conducted by qualified beauticians actually performing treatments and evaluating the results. We deliver to clients samples that have been confirmed to be of higher quality than requested.

Sample Submission


Formula Determination


Stability Testing

After determining the formula, we provide high quality products by conducting stability tests based on more than 17,000 incidents of sample data.

Scaled-up Trial Production

We establish a manufacturing process capable of recreating beaker-level quality in the blending pots.


We commence production using the manufacturing equipment and methods best suited for the volume of the order.