Manufacturing(Dispensing, Filling and Packaging)


The dispensing and filling areas are Clean Zones for sanitation purposes.
We maintain a high level of product quality by conducting production in an appropriately temperature-controlled environment that is free of foreign objects such as dust, etc.


In the dispensing department, we are able to achieve accurate and speedy weighting operations thanks to installing a fully computer-controlled weighing system


Filling / Packaging

In the filling and packaging department, we actively install new equipment to improve our production facilities, and at the same time, we strive to respond promptly to clients by providing diversified and variegated products in line with their needs.

We are able to handle a variety of production types, from large scale production using automatic fillers for tubes, bottles, etc., through to large-variety small-lot production carried out by hand.
We also streamline operations and improve efficiency by pooling together innovations and ideas from our workers and building original equipment that incorporate tricks and gimmicks.


In order to create products that satisfy our customers,
we work each day with the goal of
pouring our love and our souls
into each and every item.