Original Equipment Manufacturing / Original Design Manufacturing

As a dedicated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of cosmetics,
we have been focused for thirty years on making products
that are sold exclusively to beauty salons.

Armed with our experience and knowledge,
we intend to continue making ‘beloved products’ on into the future.


Products Handled

  • Shampoo, treatment agents(including systemized treatments), No rinse treatment agents
  • Hair tonic
  • Perming agents, frizzy hair correcting agents, hair curling agents, hair straightening agents
  • Styling agents
  • Hair coloring, coloring treatments, hair manicures
  • Skin lotion, skin care cream, beauty serum, facial wash, cleansing agents, body soap

Our Manufacturing Track Record

Production performance in 2017

In recent year, in addition to products sold exclusively to beauty salons, we have also been manufacturing products for sale online and for sale in drug stores and variety shops.